Monday, 22 March 2010


Forgot to add this one to the last zone.

Rosemary and Potato (with Fontina and Asiago cheese) Pizza

I'll explain this one a bit since it has a special place in my heart's stomach.

Make a regular italian dough like J Oliver's (dont hate).

Then all you need is :
Fresh rosemary - about 5-6 sprigs 
1 Potato (enough to cover pizza dough) - sliced into extra thin rounds
A bit of both Fontina and Asiago fresco cheese, cubed
Olive Oil
Salt and Black Pepper

Then all you do is:
Preheat oven to a high heat (450 - 500f or 250 - 275c). 
Spread/roll dough out and place on greased pizza trey or a pizza stone (if you got one use it!). Cover dough with oil and black pepper. Lay a few rosemary sprigs down and then lay down half the potato slices. Then sprinkle cheese over, lay out the the rest of the potatoes and top with remaining cheese and rosemary. Drizzle olive oil over top and place into oven to bake for about 10 - 13 mins or until potatoes are soft and cheese is bubbling and browning a bit.

Then eat that delicious thing.

So yeah.... any requests for the next recipes?

Strata-sphere ................................................................. . . . . .

Ever come home from work with a bundle of left over croissants and some really nice eggs and think "what should I do with all this"?
Maybe I should feel fortunate to have this small problem occasionally. By now I know exactly what to do. I do that Strata.
A Strata is a baked dish originally conceived to deal with leftover stale bread. Stale is the key here as the staleness determines how well the beaten eggs will bind with the bread to create the desired light, pillowy and fluffy texture characteristic of a perfect Strata.
The dish is a combination of stale bread (Im special so I use croissants), fried or lightly blanched veggies, and beaten eggs. Oh! And it has cheese in it. I almost forgot cheese.

C P's Strata 
About 4 halved, stale croissants
3-5 eggs (depending on your tastes and how much bread you are using)
3 tablespoons Parsely, chopped
Salt and Black Pepper
2 tablespoons olive oil (Extra Virgin ALWAYS)
1 Onion or 2 larger shallots, diced
1 small carrot, diced
1 stalk celery diced
1 clove garlic diced
Main Vegetable - about 10 stalks asparagus chopped into diagonal slices -or- half head cauliflower diced -or- 3 handfuls of good mushrooms chopped
Small glass dry white wine
About 200 grams Comte or Gruyere cheese diced finely or grated

First grease your baking vessel (you want a deep-ish pot or baking dish, pyrex works well). Then cut your stale bread/croissants in a way that they will arrange nicely around the bottom of your baking vessel. Set aside.

Beat eggs together with parsley, black pepper (and if desired a bit of grated parmesan). Set aside.

Preheat oven to about 350f or 200c.

Place oil in pan and set over medium heat. Add in onion, carrot, celery and fry until softened about 5-6 minutes. Then add in the garlic and your main vegetable. Fry until main veggie is just barely soft and then add in the wine. Allow mixture to simmer until the steam coming off the pan no longer stings the nostrils upon sniffing. Salt to taste and then take pan off heat.

Now for the layering.
Pour half of the beaten eggs over the bread/croissants.
Pour half of the fried mixture.
Pour the rest of the eggs in.
Put half of the cheese on.
Pour the rest of the fried mixture on and top with the remaining cheese and fresh grated pepper.

Place in the oven and bake until cheese on top has slightly browned and a fork can be poked into the strata and come out clean. You want a fluffy, slightly airy and light texture. Some like it a bit runny but I prefer moist and fluffy.

Savour with a nice arugula (rocket) salad with a mustard dressing and some ale or nice white wine.

And for the next recipe..... any requests from my friends fans(?) or fam?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Piece Zone 2

Traditional Margherita

Comte, Red Onion and Tomato 

PURI MAS - Amsterdam Indonesian

Puri Mas - Amsterdam

Behold the indulgent "Rijsttafel" of Puri Mas, one of Europe's finest Indonesian eateries. 
Me and mine ordered for one and were both stuffed at the end. Our selection included fried and steamed rice, chicken satay, lamb in soy sauce, chicken curry, egg in onion sauce, dry green bean curry, unbelievable beef Rengdang, gado gado, and the traditional condiments being toasted coconut powder and potato sticks (plus ample amount of bright spice chilli sambal). 

from the Puri Mas website: 

"Puri Mas is famous for its Rijsttafel, a feast of mild to strongly spiced Indonesian dishes.
Rijsttafel means Rice Table, an array of many dishes in small portions that covers the whole table. Although it is a Dutch idea, its origins are clearly Indonesian and it was known at one time as Makan Besar.
Indonesian people traditionally take a meal from a central plate of steamed or fried rice with other dishes arranged around it. Usually including some fish or meat, a vegetable dish, and a spicy sauce known as sambel. The early Dutch planters, with their great appetites, added more and more dishes and so the Rijsttafel originated.
Rijsttafel was served on the plantations and at home parties. Later it was combined with hotel menus, and each dish served seperately by a waiter."

Its another reason to go to Amsterdam. 
  Puri Mas
Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 37-41 (first floor)
1017 NG  Amsterdam